25 de Novembro de 2020


Busy peak season restricts aircraft availability

It’s been one of the most challenging peak seasons ever for air cargo industry. The e-commerce shipments are drying out the remaining aircraft available and industrial projects customers are facing a hard time arranging last minute space on commercial flights.

Along with the difficulty to have their shipments booked within 2020 many shippers and consignors are taking desperate measures such as bypassing their usual suppliers in order to try and get some better availabilities. Usually these actions don’t really help the customers to get the best solutions. Kenny Schulz, Fly Easy Commercial Director comments: “when a shipper floods the market by sending out requests everywhere it normally backfires because a carrier sees it as speculation. The air cargo carriers are too busy now so if the customer is not straight, the airliner won’t bother offering a solution. Also there are many scammers around promising crazy prices and availabilities and if you don’t have the proper due diligence you may get in trouble. Our advice is to turn to your long term partners and let the specialists do the work”. Fly Easy specializes in charter operations and our team has the expertise to setup the most complex charter operations prioritizing safety at the highest compliance standards.

Fly Easy most important value is the loyalty to our customers: “We are being forced to think outside the box in order to provide the best possible solutions. Availability is very tight these days and right now our biggest challenge is the competition with other trade lanes – such as Asia-Europe and Asia-USA – in the run for aircraft availabilities. We are happy to be delivering with excellence specially by sourcing many solutions the Latin American market wouldn’t normally have access to. It’s been challenging times for all the air cargo community and I believe our loyalty to our customers is paying off. Trust is our main guideline, we sadly see other players looking for revenue at any cost including undercutting their own freight forwarding customers but for us the long term relationships are the essence of the business.” concludes Kenny.

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