03 de abril de 2023


Fly Easy rocks for Bands on Tour!

The events and music industry bounced back in 2022 and so far, Fly Easy was able to arrange more than 50 flights for artists and band equipment since last year.

Fly Easy is delighted to have delivered a 15days+ special flight program for an American Rock Band beginning in the US and touring across South America carrying the artists, their guests, band crew and equipment.

From the aircraft itself, a gorgeous B757 VIP configured, Fly Easy provided a tested and well-seasoned  Flight Manager to coordinate all aspects of ground operations and with the support of its own team of customs experts, Fly Easy provided seamless compliance with all processes regarding customs formalities and procedures for each country (6 countries in total),  guaranteeing a smooth and quick access to the band´s equipment from the aircraft to the venues and vice-versa in each city. All of that with superb quality, safety and delivering an unparalleled product which gives peace-of-mind for Tour and Production Managers, while delivering 24/7 personalized service as well as attention to every single detail of the in-flight experience for the Band as well as the logistics involved inside and outside the airports.

Words of our BDM André Rodrigues: ” this project is an example of what Fly Easy´s is able to deliver in a seamless manner throughout a myriad of services of work while making life easy to  artists, TM´s, PM´s, its guests, band crew and cargo, navigating easily and with success in a complex envelop of operational challenges and regulations in excess.”

We are excited for the upcoming projects and if you are planning a music tour and is looking for a suitable aircraft, call us at US +1 917 383 1245 or BR +55 11 98852 0997 or email us at charters@flyeasysa.com our team of specialists are happy to be of assistance.


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