05 de Janeiro de 2024


Fly Easy concludes 2023 with steady performance

Fly Easy achieved a robust financial performance in 2023. The company successfully maintained gross revenue level from the previous year while also retaining consistent margin levels.

«Despite the challenges faced by the aviation industry, our company managed to navigate through turbulent skies with resilience and determination. Our team managed to attract more business and retain company’s revenue streams through innovative strategies and customer-centric approaches» according to Mr. Kenny Schulz, Fly Easy Commercial Director. «Our teams were busy from the first day of the year through Dec 31st, when we managed to organize a last minute go-now flight to Manaus» complemented Schulz.

Fly Easy actively participated in exhibitions such as Intermodal South America (Brazil) and Air Cargo Americas (USA) showcasing the company’s commitment to the industry and reinforcing its reputation as a key player. Our team also managed to organize flights to many new routings, spreading company presence to different regions.  

Fly Easy’s performance in 2023 showcases its resilience, adaptability and commitment to excellence in the aviation industry. The company’s strong financial performance, operational milestones, and customer-centric approach have positioned it for continued success in the future. 

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