15 de Outubro de 2015


Fly Easy completes two last minute flights for band gears in a week

Two music concerts were at risk due to unexpected circumstances and our specialists were able to save the day twice within 7 days.

First situation happened to System of a Down. The band gear was booked to fly on a scheduled freighter from Sao Paulo Viracopos (VCP) to Santiago de Chile (SCL) on the morning of September 26th. Two weeks before the flight the carrier advised that flight was postponed for the next day. The new date wouldn’t attend the deadline for the original concert date.

Our team was called and promptly selected the proper aircraft for the job, a B-727 200F. Cargo was delivered by the shipper at 03:00AM LT. Pallets build up + loading process took 3 hours and at 08:00AM our flight departed with the full gear.

While our team was setting up the abovementioned operation the phone rang again with another urgent request from another customer. Slipknot needed to move their gear from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The tour was arranged with proper time for a trucking transportation in this sector although an unexpected strike at the road border customs could delay the trucking for days. So the customer called us less than 48 hours from the transportation date in order to arrange a last minute charter flight. Due to the very short time for processing permits we needed to source an aircraft pre-authorized to fly this routing.

Again we found a B-727 200F carrier able to grant the permits in time. Cargo was delivered with 24 hours in advance to the operation so when the aircraft landed from the positioning leg the PAG units were already built and at the ramp ready for loading. The flight from Santiago de Chile (SCL) to Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) took off on the 2 of October at 03:30AM LT.

None of the concerts had to be delayed.


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